The Call

Trudy is a Carer and key worker.  Her husband is in intensive care after contracting COVID-19. She has tested negative so can continue in her caring role. 

She has a conversation whilst on a visit, about the importance of talking to family members about participation in research. Her husband believes that the drug companies are only in this for the money - but his beliefs are wrong.  There is much more to research and finding treatments than money.

The Call is a companion piece to An Awkward Fit.  

This initiative was funded by the National Institute for Health Research and produced in partnership with Theatre of Debate and the University of Leeds.  

This video is part of a series of seven.  Each video is approximately 8 minutes long. You can view the videos by yourself, or as part of a wider group discussion or training session to talk about some of the issues facing the community over the past few months. 

The videos can be shared on many social media platforms (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook) and we would encourage you to share with any individuals or organisations you feel would increase their reach. Please contact us if you have any questions about how to use the monologues or for any additional information or material you may need.

They are the result of two workshops which explored the subject of the barriers and enablers to involvement in clinical trials from the perspective of the professionals and patients.  They aim to:

  • Help members of the public understand and appreciate the role that clinical trial research will play in ending COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Explain the process of giving your permission to take part
  • By encouraging as many different communities to take part, we can ensure we find a treatment for everyone - but in order to do this, everyone must take part.